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How to update the amp firmware (this it not the app on your smart device)

Posted: Sat Oct 23, 2021 2:49 pm
by Richard
Here are the steps:

Do not connect your Amp to your computer until a step tells you to!
Make sure nothing has automatically connected to your Spark with Bluetooth! (basically, the blue LED at the rear should be blinking)

1) Only if you are using Windows: Download and install the ASIO driver for Windows from ... IO-Driver-
2) Switch on your Spark Amp
3) Backup your presets to the ToneCloud or your Spark App (this is optional, but should prevent you from losing anything if things go wrong during the firmware upgrade)
4) Download the Spark updater software for Windows ( ... or Mac ( ...
5) Only if you are using a Mac and you get a message that the updater cannot be opened, dismiss this message by clicking on "OK", right-click on the installer file, click "Open", and on the "Updater Can't be opened message" click on "Open"
6) If the installer has not been started yet, start it. You should get a window with a picture of a Spark amp, the text "Connect your Spark Amp with USB Cable" and a yellow button labelled "Connect Hardware"
7) Connect your Spark Amp to your computer with a USB Type B cable
8) Usually the amp will now automatically connect. If not, click the "Connect Hardware" button
9) If there is an error, restart your Amp and computer and start from step 5. Be sure to unplug the USB cable first!
10) Click on the "Check to Update" button
11) Once the update is finished, a "Your firmware is up-to-date" message will be displayed
12) Eject the hardware from your computer like you would, for example, with a USB drive

The latest version of the firmware is (latest update of this info: 22 October 2021)

Re: How to update the amp firmware (this it not the app on your smart device)

Posted: Sun May 22, 2022 3:58 am
by Jmracing14
There are also YouTube videos for those who are better visual learners or just want to watch it and follow step by step. I'm not that computer literate, and still found it to be easy. Thanks for the post, as I'm sure their are some of us who may need it.