Changing the Preset Amps on the Control Panel

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Changing the Preset Amps on the Control Panel

Post by kaminskied »

I would like to modify the preset am choices for acoustic, bass, clean, classy, chrunch , Hi gain and Metal selectable from the front panel. Can you share the steps for making that change.

Second question. I would like to use the headset output jack as a line level input to a BOSS Catana Amplifier. Typically headset outputs have some amplification and are not line level. Is there an interface box that makes this connection at the correct voltage levels for a line in on the Boss.


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Re: Changing the Preset Amps on the Control Panel

Post by DanL1553 »

You can’t directly save modifications to the on-board default Presets (left-most knob on Spark 40). You can save your changes within the Spark App to a new Preset Name, and then assign the new Preset to one of the four Preset LED Channels.

To use the headphone jack as a Line Out, you need a TRS-straight to 1/4" TS-straight summing left and right channels from single stereo output to mono input with resistors (1k ohm) cable. I found this article in the Spark Amp Lovers Knowledge Base useful: ... equipment/
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