Oasis tone request

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Oasis tone request

Post by ryan1mcq »

Hello everyone, wondered if anyone could try to replicate the Oasis tone in this video at 1:28 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVHdbD3ql10 i know he's using expensive hardware but is this kind of tone possible to recreate?

Thanks for your time :)

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Re: Oasis tone request

Post by DanL1553 »

This should be a relatively simple Preset to create, especially since the video includes most of the amp and pedal information. Start with any existing Preset in the app, “Save As New” to create your starting point, and change the amp and pedal models to match (or approximate) those shown in the video. Turn off all the Preset pedals. Start with the amp model (pick a Marshall) and adjust volume, gain and tone to get the basic amp sound, swap in and adjust a TubeScreamer in the Drive Pedal Slot, and then pick and adjust a Reverb Pedal.

The Spark Lovers Forum has a complete list of models and their ‘real’ hardware equivalents at the links below. PG used to have model lists on their support page; however, they disappeared about the time that the Spark Mini was released.

https://sparkamplovers.com/kb/available ... ions-list/


Good luck and have fun 🤩
Dan Lawrence
Fullerton, CA 8-)
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