More Bass Amps please

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More Bass Amps please

Post by Saxomafone »

I would love to see a version of these amps for bass:

Ampeg SVT & B-15

Orange AD-200 and Terror

Acoustic 360

Kustom Tuck and Roll K 200A

SWR Redhead 2x10

There are 30 odd guitar amps, but only 4-5 bass amps?

It was also be super cool to pick cabinets too.
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Re: More Bass Amps please

Post by DanL1553 »

Have you also posted this on the Positive Grid Forum, “What’s the Big Idea?” Category/Topic? While some PG Forum Members would suggest the staff is occupied elsewhere, this forum category is probably the most direct path to the software/firmware staff for a future ”Wish List”.
Dan Lawrence
Fullerton, CA 8-)
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