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Spark app create button

Post by dant3006 »

Does anyone have the problem of not having a create button.?
I'm still getting emails from positive grid trying to help me fix the problem but so far there is still no create button on my smart jam.
We've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, clearing the cache and data, making sure it has the latest firmware still no button.
Any help would definitely be appreciated.
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Re: Spark app create button

Post by DanL1553 »

Haven’t really used it before; however it appears that you don’t use a “Create” Button as described in the (obsolete) Help Video. Instead, you click on the “Smart Jam” Button on the Left of the Music Page, just left of the “Quick Jam” Buttons. It’s the long, green-to-red picture just under the Smart Jam title. It doesn’t look like a button, but it is…
Dan Lawrence
Fullerton, CA 8-)
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