Disappointed in New Spark Controller Pedal

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Disappointed in New Spark Controller Pedal

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I was disappointed to learn that the Spark App needs to remain as the top/active app on my iPad, or the Spark Controller Pedal automatically disconnects. I use AnyTune to control, play and loop practice backing tracks and songs; so it’s normally the top/active app with the Spark App open in the background. I was hoping to use the Spark Controller to switch between Rhythm and Lead Setups in the middle of songs. Without the Spark App on top, this ain’t gonna happen…☹️

On the plus side, the pedal was pretty easy to set up, especially if you visit the new Positive Grid Spark Controller Help Webpage first. The Help Page is almost exclusively dedicated to promotion/purchase information, and detailed setup procedures. Unfortunately there’s no interface descriptions or information relating to either the Controller-Spark App or the Controller-Spark 40 interfaces.

The controller has nine modes available, including four blank, user definable modes. Mode 1, the only one of interest to me, is set up to control the four Hardware Setup Switches on the Spark 40; the Controller allows you to change the order on the pedal during setup (for some obscure reason).

Bottom line, if you’re using ToneCloud Music within the Spark App for practice, allowing you to keep the Spark App as the top/active app, you’re in great shape. The Controller Pedal was specifically (and exclusively???) designed for you.

If you’ve found using ToneCloud Music too restricting and clunky, then like me, Positive Grid has once again put us in a position of hunting for our own work-around…. I shoulda bought the ugly Yamaha THR 😒
Dan Lawrence
Fullerton, CA 8-)
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