How to delete 'Favorites'...

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How to delete 'Favorites'...

Post by latheofheaven »

Hello, this is my first post. Absolutely LOV'n the Spark Amp! :D

I'm a little confused (well, probably MORE than a little...) In the App in the section for Favorites, are these favorites that I have supposedly saved, because there are tones in there I don't want when I look under 'Favorites' So, is there a way to delete whatever is in your Favorites folder?

Also, I'm also confused about looking through MY saved tones, and the tones from the cloud. So, say when I go to the Metal tab, how can I make sure that I am looking at MY saved tones under Metal and NOT just the Metal tones on the cloud?

Thanks all, appreciate it! Image
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Re: How to delete 'Favorites'...

Post by DanL1553 »

This is also my first post, and my first day of using the app. Forgive me if some of the terminology is incorrect.

I believe removing an item from your Favorites List is fairly simple. When you added an item to your Favorites List, you clicked or tapped on an empty or gray Heart icon and turned it red; it then appeared on the Favorites List the next time you opened it. To remove it, click on the Red Heart ♥️ and it will turn back to empty or gray 🤍. The item will remain in your Favorites List until leave the list; it will be gone the next time you open the list. I’m guessing it remains on the list until you leave so you can correct the change if it was a mistake, or change your mind.

The easiest way to tell if your in the cloud is to check the icon in the top right corner of the screen. If the cloud icon is grayed out, you’re in the Cloud. If it’s bright white, you’re in your own work area.
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