The Spark 40 Footswitch Mod!

Questions about the Spark amp hardware
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The Spark 40 Footswitch Mod!

Post by Myerz »

Hi everyone!

I mod’d 2 Spark Amps this weekend! I tried documenting it the best I could.
I provided links to the parts you'll need.

If you can live without your amp for two weeks I can do it for you. I'll send you my terms and conditions, warranty info.
The MOD costs about $200. $125 in parts / $75 in labor.
Spark Footswitch Mod Step-by-Step..

https://e2284c04-0101-44c5-9a13-6676cc8 ... 059iwmmAQ4
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Re: The Spark 40 Footswitch Mod!

Post by Richard »

Thanks! I hope someone will also send a review of this some day soon.
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Re: The Spark 40 Footswitch Mod!

Post by DrBaroni »

It should be a nice thing for those who totally change their tone during a song/track. :)
Would be kinda useless for me, as I build my tones as clean tones with some pedals that can be enabled when needed. :)
What makes me wonder is that it costs almost as much as the amp... :mrgreen: :shock:
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