A Safe and Healthy 2020 to you all!

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A Safe and Healthy 2020 to you all!

Post by Richard »

I think it's safe to say that 2020 was a most shitty year. I personally don't recollect a year that sucked quite at this level. Corona, obviously, affected the world in a big way. Both my wife and me got it, and she still suffers the consequences (very low energy). It's not just a regular flu.
To top it off, 2020 saw the death of two of my personal heroes: Neal Peart and Eddie van Halen. The Band In The Sky is getting better and better, but here on earth we're all the poorer for it.
I would like to wish you all a 2021 that's happier than 2020, Corona-free and generally healthy.
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Re: A Safe and Healthy 2020 to you all!

Post by DrBaroni »

...Call me scaramantic if you want, but I'll just state that I'm sure it'll be the best 2021 ever, period. ;)

Sorry to hear you and your wife got the beast, and that she's still suffeering consequences. I lost my last uncle to it, and many friends have been, or still are, in hospital or in ICU. Yet so many still act as if it either doesn't exist, is negligible, or "who cares? It just kills one per cent!" or "...it only hits the elders!". And some are deniers to the point that even while literally dying at it, they still deny its existence. :shock:
Anyway... Have a nice time playing, learn all you can in every field you can, and be kind.
May your life be happy.
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