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Re: Short introduction by the admin

Post by DrBaroni »

I know, I'm late. So first of all thank you for setting up this forum :)

Got my Spark in July, took me almost a month to update the firmware because of some USB issues, now it's updated and I started experiemnting with it.

I just play (badly, usually) for me and my enjoyment. It's a sort of self-therapy for me. I use a ZOOM G5n to record a simple chord progression (on a simple drum track), then I improvise on it. I used to do so using the very same ZOOM pedalboard, now I'm trying to use Spark. I still have to solve a number of problems with it, e.g. how to get an output sound that doesn' blow my eardrums away when recording on a DAW, or how to avoid the latency in the same situation, or... :D
I like how it sounds, especially in low volume, and I pretty much use just clean tones on which I put a drive when soloing. It could be a Tube Screamer, an Overdrive, a Big Muff, but that's what I use as tone.
Never learned someone else's songs or solos, and somehow I regret it sometimes.

See you on the threads
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Re: Short introduction by the admin

Post by Richard »

Never mind that you are late...welcome to the forum!
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Re: Short introduction by the admin

Post by The56Kid »

Hello Richard and fellow Spark owners!

Richard, thanks for starting this great board - I look forward to learning all of the ins and outs to making maximum use of this great little amplifier we’ve all purchased from this more concentrated forum of dedicated users.

I’m an American of Puerto Rican decent who resides in picturesque and slightly chilly Erie, PA. I’ve been a bonafide music and guitar freak since I first heard The Jimi Hendrix Experience as a 10 year old in 1967. I’m now 63 years old and will continue to be a total music freak until the day I die. I’ve played in cover bands and a number of originals bands over the years. Currently in an all originals instrumental power trio called Paraquat. Slightly progressive hard rock I suppose.

The Spark is the most recent addition to a small collection of amps I’ve accumulated over the years: a Rivera 55-112, a Carvin V3M, a Rockman XP100, and a Blackstar Fly-3. Lately I’ve just been using the Blackstar as a Paraquat hasn’t done a gig in over a year.

I also have a small collection of guitars: a 1974 Gibson ES-335, a 1990 Fender Stratocaster, a 2007 Carvin DC127M, a 2013 ESP/LTD EC-1000ET, and a 2001 Taylor 414CE. Love them all, but the LTD gets the brunt of the electric work because of its incredible Evertune bridge.

Rock On!

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Re: Short introduction by the admin

Post by DanL1553 »

I’m Dan Lawrence from Sunny Fullerton, California. I’ve had my Spark for about three days, and loving it. I’m a retired engineer finally learning the guitar. I’m a Couch Potato Player learning favorite 60s and 70s Rock Classics from my high school and college days.

I have an HHS Strat and a Les Paul Traditional electrics, and a Takamini acoustic. My Hot Rod Deluxe is way too loud and my Tubemeister 36 is way to bright/glassy/trebelly/annoying. I bought the Spark to replace a Roland eBand 8 that I constantly used for practice with backing tracks.

I have an iPad and a Windows 10 Dell Laptop PC. No problems loading the Spark App to my iPad, or the update program to the PC. I had a lot of confusion and frustration around the Studio One Redeem Card; however I think I’m past it even though I haven’t finished the hookup or tried recording something. I’ve never recorded myself before.

I think I‘ve come up to speed pretty fast especially given the lack of detailed instruction or information in the manual or on the Positive Grid website.

It’s great to know you’ve got my back, and I’ll try to contribute wherever I can!
Dan Lawrence
Fullerton, CA 8-)
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